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Wb 18.1.21

Monday 18.1.2021 - PE

Today would be our PE day in school! Please log into Real PE at Home (passwords sent out last week) to complete an activity, or choose an activity from the PE and Sport blog. 

Tuesday 19.1.21 - RE

This week in our RE lesson we are learning about festival days and understanding that festival days are often celebrated by followers of religions. This lesson concentrates on Thanksgiving and why we are thankful for the things that we have.

Wednesday 20.1.2021 - Design and Technology

The Great Fire of London began in a bakery on Pudding Lane - London. This afternoon we will be designing and making our own bread! Please note, this is a suggested activity which we will be mirroring in school. We completely understand if this activity is not manageable under the circumstances. It may be that you would like to make bread at the weekend as a family or at a more manageable time.  

Thursday 21.1.21 - PSHE

This week for our PSHE we are learning about how to cooperate and work together with others. We will be learning about how our actions can be by accident or on purpose and that can impact people.


Friday 22.1.21 Topic- History and Geography


This week for our Great Fire of London learning, we are going to be looking at a map of London in 1666 and marking on different symbols involved in the Great Fire such as Pudding Lane, St Paul's Cathedral and Samuel Pepys' house on Seething Lane. We will also be marking on the map just how far the fire spread. I think you will be surprised! 


Parents and carers, there is an explanation below and then an option for your child to complete the task by printing the map sheet and cutting and sticking or by dragging and dropping on screen. If neither option is possible, then just look at on the screen and ask your child to point the the correct squares on the map and have a discussion with them about it.