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W.b. 18th January

This week is 'Science week' in Year 5/6 and we will be recognising the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on the way our bodies function, identifying, naming and describing the main parts of the human circulatory system and describing the ways in which nutrients and water are transported within animals, including humans. 


There are 4 English lessons to be completed (Monday - Thursday), which include reading and writing activities related to our science objectives.

On Friday, there are two science lessons to complete, so you may wish to do Lesson 5 in the English slot and Lesson 6 in the afternoon slot, just as we are doing in school.


Lesson 1: Read the text about healthy eating. Answer the comprehension questions. Draw a food pyramid in your home learning book - include pictures/words of foods in each category and then write a short article for a magazine, explaining why it is important to eat a range of fruit and vegetables. Remember to be persuasive!

Lesson 2: Read the information text all about swimming the English Channel. Answer the SAT style questions - remember to use your skimming & scanning skills to locate evidence, where needed, to support your answers. You can self-mark these against the mark scheme to see how well you have understood the text. 

Lesson 3: Read the text about muscles. Answer the 6 multiple choice questions and then complete the writing task, creating an attractive and informative poster for other KS2 to develop their understanding of the muscles in our bodies. 

Lesson 4: There are 3 different levels of questions for today's comprehension about "The Circulatory System". Most of you should be ok completing Level 2 ** though you can always give the Level 3 *** questions a go too!