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W.b. 1st March

Guided Reading

This week we are continuing our reading of the novel 'Cool!' to see what happens to Robbie...will he be able to wake up from his coma?! As always, read the lesson instructions first, carefully read the relevant piece of text and then complete the required task with 100% effort. We will share our thoughts and understanding in the 2:45pm feedback zooms.  Note: On Thursday, there is no additional written task as the text to read that day is rather long whilst on Friday, there is no more text to read...just the book review summary to complete. 


In English this week, we are going to be continuing with our non-chronological report work all about wild cats. In the lessons this week, you will be using the skills you developed last week to help you write your own non-chronological report about a Tiger. 

Lesson 1 - Monday 

Today, we are going to be writing the opening paragraph of our non-chronological report about tigers. You will be able to use some of the information you noted down in the research lesson on Thursday last week, especially the information under the heading Sub-Species of Tiger. Before you begin, watch the video, which will provide a success criteria and a modelled write showing you what to include in your own introductory paragraph. 

Lesson 2 - Tuesday 

Today you are going to be writing the next paragraph of your non-chronological report about tigers. This paragraph will focus on their appearance. You will need your notes from last Thursday's lesson to help you write this paragraph, especially the information under the headings 'Paws & Claws' and 'Fur & Colouring'. Before you begin, watch the video, which will provide a success criteria and a modelled write showing you what to include in your own introductory paragraph. 

Remember, once you've written a paragraph, you need to go back and check your CUPS (Capital Letters, Understanding, Punctuation & Spelling) just as we would in school. 

If you'd like some further tips you help you edit what you've written so far, watch the video below. 

Lesson 3 - Wednesday 

We won't be doing any writing towards our non-chronological report today. Instead, we will be doing some more research to help us write the final two paragraphs on Thursday and Friday this week. Use the worksheet below to write down your notes about the diet and habitat of a tiger. Once you've watched the video, you can complete some research of your own and add to your notes.

Lesson 4 - Thursday

Today we will be writing our paragraph about the Diet of a Tiger. Remember to use your notes from yesterday to help you. Before you begin writing, watch the video as this will demonstrate how to write this paragraph, what to include and give you a success criteria. 

Lesson 5 - Friday 

Today is our final lesson of writing our non-chronological report all about tigers. We will be writing our closing paragraph, which will include some information about the habitat of a tiger. Make sure you have your notes from Wednesday ready as these will help you today. Before you being writing, make sure you watch the video so that you have a good understanding about what information to include and the success criteria for this paragraph.