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Wb 21.6.21

Finish any work from last if not completed (see last week's folder) and then work through the tasks below. 


Geography- Beside the Seaside. 


Follow the Powerpoint to learn about map symbols. Then complete the matching activity. Which other maps symbols can you research?

Create a holiday postcard for someone, pretending you are on a seaside holiday. You can use the picture or create your own picture. Stick the front to the back and write your message, telling the person you are writing to what you have been doing, what you have seen, what the weather is like and perhaps what you have eaten. Don't forget to write the address of the person you are writing to and to draw a stamp! 

Time left this week?


Please use Numbots, Mathletics and/or Bug Club to practise your reading and maths skills. You could also look up the song 'Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!' and have a go at singing it.