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Wb 22.2.21

Monday 22.2.21 - PE

Today would be our PE day in school! Please log into Real PE at home (passwords sent out) to complete an activity, or choose an activity from the PE and Sport blog.


Tuesday 23.2.21 - RE

This week in our RE lesson we are learning about the Harvest festival and the gifts that are given. Read the story and think about the questions. To finish off, Miss Webber needs you to create a masterpiece for her Harvest display. Have fun learning about this festival.

Wednesday 24.2.21 Design Technology

This half term in DT we will be learning all about where our food comes from and how a balanced diet helps us to be healthy humans. Today's lesson is all about finding out which foods come from plants and which foods come from animals. You need to look at the Where Does Our Food Come From presentation first and then cut and stick the food photos onto your Plant or Animal Sorting Task sheet. I wonder if there are any foods that you are surprised about when you learn where they come from! 

Thursday 25.2.21 - PSHE

February is LGBTQ+ History Month. At Greenside, we think it is important that this month is celebrated in a way that is age appropriate and meaningful for our children. For this, we are going to be dedicating our PSHE lesson to LGBTQ+ History Month and we will be focusing on celebrating and accepting differences. 


Please read through the lesson introduction below and watch the video that goes alongside this which explains what LGBTQ is. Once you have done this, please go through the powerpoint and activities for the lesson; the main focus of this lesson is to understand and appreciate differences.  Some of the activities are discussion based so please support your child in sharing their thoughts with you as this is what we would be doing in school. 



Please send any work you do about celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month and keep hold of it to show your teacher via Zoom!



LGBT+ Explained for Kids | Pop'n'Olly | Olly Pike

Ever wondered or been confused by the LGBT+ Acronym? What does it all mean? This video is designed to help young viewers (or anyone really) understands exact...

Friday 26.2.21 Music

In school, the children are used to using Charanga for music lessons which is an online teaching tool. Charanga have a home learning version called Yumu where you can log in and do your music lessons at home on a laptop, tablet or phone. The lessons look just like the Charanga lessons we do in school. Simply log into Yumu (login details were sent via email this week) and you will see you have been assigned a unit of work called 'Rhythm in the Way We Walk and Banana Rap' which is the same unit the school learners will be covering too. This week please follow the activities from Step 1 which will take you through listening to the song and learning to sing the song. Enjoy!