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WB 22.2.21

Tuesday 23.2.21

Today we are starting a new text! As always, we are starting with predictions. You have a picture of the front cover of the text with lots of parts cut out and only a few clues for you to use to make your predictions. To record them, you are going to fill in the 'Tell Me' grid.

Wednesday 24.2.21

Today we are going to make even more predictions. I have made a word cloud using the blurb of the story. The words that appear most in the blurb are bigger than the rest so hopefully that will give you a bit of a clue... To record your predictions you have a probability line and some statements. You need to circle where you think the statement is on the line ranging from certainly true all the way to impossible. Then, using evidence from the word cloud, explain your prediction. You can use sentences such as:

I think this because....

I believe this because....

I know this because.....

Thursday 25.2.21

Today we are going to read a part of the story: Orion and The Dark

Your child will be able to read this mainly independently but may need a bit of help on a few words and phrases.

Once they have read the pages for today, there is an intensity line task for them to do. Activities like this focus on the development of children's understanding of vocabulary and will enrich and widen the words within their vocabulary.


The task looks at how 'intense' the words are; we focus on the feeling that the words give us and which we think gives the strongest feeling. For the task, please use a thesaurus (either online or a physical book if you have one!) to help find other synonyms for the target word. The children will then sort those synonyms onto the intensity line sorting them from least to most intense. The final task is to use those words in sentences to show how despite the words meaning the same thing, the context they are used in makes them different.

Friday 26.2.21

For the final activity of the week we are looking at how to effectively answer questions about the vocabulary in the text. We are going to read a couple more pages of the book and then answer questions.

The activity is called 'Verb Vocab'. The verbs in the questions are the most common ones used in test-style questions so it's good practice for the children to interpret them and learn what they are asking them to do to find the answer. 


Please keep your copy of the text open to be able to refer to it whilst answering the questions.