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Wb 22.3.21

Monday 08.3.21 - PE

Today would be our PE day in school! Please log into Real PE at home (passwords sent out) to complete an activity, or choose an activity from the PE and Sport blog.

Tuesday 23rd March - RE

Continuing our RE unit 'How do we celebrate special events?', today we will focus on planning a celebration that we will have in class next week. Think of everything you will need to celebrate a festival and what it is that you would like to celebrate. Make a decoration at home relating to your celebration and bring it with you when you return to school.

Wednesday 24th March - PSHE

Continuing our PSHE unit 'Keeping Safe', today we will focus on staying safe outside our homes. We will identify different places we could visit outside our homes such as the park, the swimming pool, the shops and the seaside. We will explore different reasons why we might need help in these unfamiliar places, who could help us and what we would say. Work through the powerpoint below then complete the task

Thursday 25th March - History


Lesson 2 compares Scutari hospital before and after Florence Nightingale and her nurses arrived and made changes. Follow the Task 1 PDF first where you will recap our learning about Scutari hospital before and after. Then Task 2 is to write a letter as if you are Florence Nightingale home to your parents explaining what the hospital was like before and how you made it better. There is a word bank to help you.

Friday 26th March - Music



In school, the children are used to using Charanga for music lessons which is an online teaching tool. Charanga have a home learning version called Yumu where you can log in and do your music lessons at home on a laptop, tablet or phone. The lessons look just like the Charanga lessons we do in school. Simply log into Yumu (login details were sent via email a few weeks ago) and you will see you have been assigned a unit of work called 'Rhythm in the Way We Walk and Banana Rap' which is the same unit the school learners will be covering too. This week please follow the activities from Step 4 which will take you through listening to the Banana Rap song and learning to sing the song. Enjoy!