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W.b. 22nd March

This week we are going to be continuing to read and explore our new book Clockwork or All Wound Up by Philip Pullman. Here you will find the text that you will be able to use this week. Additionally, you will find a document with all the lesson information for each day and any supporting resources. Each of the classes are at a slightly different point in the story, so please look through the resources for the last lesson you completed in school and complete the next four lessons this week. 

One day this week, we will be completing some reading assessments in school (Wednesday - Tenacious Toucans and Thursday - Creative Caimans and Dazzing Dolphins). On this day, please don't complete a guided reading activity and instead, complete this comprehension as some practise! Choose 1 star (easiest), 2 star or 3 star (trickiest) depending on how confident you are with reading - we would expect most children to complete 2 star.