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Wb 25.1.21

Monday 25.1.21- P.E


Today would be our PE day in school. Please log into Real PE at Home (passwords sent out) to complete an activity, or choose an activity from the PE and Sport blog. 

Tuesday 26.1.21 - RE

This week in our RE lesson we are learning about more festival days and understanding that festival days are often celebrated by followers of religions. This lesson concentrates on different festivals that are celebrated around the world. We are excited to see if you take on the creative challenge at the end of the lesson. 

Wednesday 27.1.21 Computing

This is our first lesson learning all about programming or coding (which means designing and writing a set of instructions for a computer to follow). Whether you follow Lesson Option 1 (requires a tablet) or Lesson Option 2 (no technology) option, your child will gain skills in the language and concept of programming in a fun way. 


Lesson Option 1 (tablet required) Watch the video below all about how to use Scratch Junior (an online coding app for younger children). Then grown ups will need to download the free Scratch Junior app (available as a free app for both iPad and Android tablets) to try out some of the skills from the video. Can you:

- add a background?

- add a character/object?

- make your character/object move by using the programming blocks?

ScratchJr Introduction

Lesson Option 2: (no technology required) If you cannot access the Scratch Junior app, there is an 'unplugged' programming lesson to follow below, where you will use direction arrows to program a human 'robot'. 

Optional Extra: Want more programming opportunities?

The free 'Bee Bot' app is also a great way to have a go at programming in a fun way as you work through the levels to direct your bee around the garden. This mirrors the physical Bee Bots we use in school. Feel free to download from your app store and use how, when and if you wish. This app works on tablets and phones. 

Thursday 28.1.21 PSHE
Today we are building upon our work last week on understanding how to cooperate with others. We have a 'crunch moment' which is a difficult situation where we have to use our understanding to make the right choice. You can write a couple of sentences to explain your choice or, if you would prefer, you can draw a picture to explain what you think should be done and label it.
Friday 29.1.21- History 
This week we are being historians as we look for evidence of why the Great Fire of London spread so quickly. Look at the Powerpoint below with a grown up (there is a PDF version if you cannot open Powerpoints) and then complete the activity sheet for your year group.