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Wb 26.4.21

This week is Science Week!

Monday 26th April - Science Lesson 1

To start our Science topic on Animals, Habitats and Food Chains, we are going to be completing some short pre-assessment tasks to see what prior learning the children already have. Please read through the explanation and complete the 2 tasks below.

Tuesday 27th April - Science Lesson 2

Today we are looking at things that are living, dead or have never been alive. This is a practical and investigative lesson.

Wednesday 28th April - Science Lesson 4

Today we are learning about food chains!

Thursday 29th April

Today is another practical lesson conducting research into an Emperor Penguin

Friday 30th April 

Today we are going to be writing a leaflet about the Emperor Penguin. Please note, you will be continuing writing these leaflets this afternoon in the final Science lesson.