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WB 29.06.20 Week 12

Hello Persevering Pumas! 
Welcome to Week 12 of Home Learning! You've been fantastic learners throughout this term and continued to be extremely motivated about learning at home - I am incredibly proud of all of you! I hope that you all managed to spend some time outdoors last week in our glorious weather; I certainly made the most of our school field with the children in my Year 6 bubble at school! It was lovely to speak to so many of you on Zoom again this week and I look forward to our weekly sessions. If you haven't joined one of our Zoom calls yet, please ask an adult to send me an email so that I add you to one of the groups. 

This week's learning continues to follow our Anglo-Saxon topic theme, where you will spend some time learning about what the Anglo-Saxons wore and how they made their clothes. You will be writing your own argument about whether you prefer Anglo-Saxon clothing or Modern-Day clothing and even have the opportunity to dye your own material the Anglo-Saxon way! 

There is a TTRS battle beginning tomorrow where we are against the Tenacious Toucans. Try to play everyday to win lots of points for our class! 

As always, please continue to send me an email update with some photographs as it's great to see what you're up to each week! Enjoy your learning, work hard and continue to have fun in the sun (fingers crossed!) 

Miss Winkley


This week's maths learning is based around the topic of Statistics where you will learn to understand and use many different types of charts and graphs. There are four lessons for you to complete this week, along with a challenge on Friday! Each lesson comes with a useful video teaching you the skills and a worksheet for you to complete. All videos for this week can be found on the White Rose Hub website using the link below and the worksheets can be downloaded directly from our class page (below). If you have a printer, feel free to print out the worksheets and stick them into your home learning book. If not, you can simply just write the answers straight into your home learning book instead - it's entirely up to you! We are on Summer Term, Week 10 this week.

This week, the BBC Bitesize resources are once again directly aligned to our maths learning. If you would like some extra maths learning or extra resources to help you with either of these lessons, I have posted the link to the BBC Bitesize home learning where you will find more worksheet resources, interactive activities and teaching videos. However, you don't need to complete these if you feel confident in your knowledge and understanding once you've completed the worksheets above.

Please continue to practise your times tables. Use Times Tables Rock Stars for around 15 minutes of practise each day. It is especially important that you continue to improve your recall speed of your times tables as you will rely on this knowledge heavily in Year 5. This week, I have assigned 5 new Mathletics activities for your to complete, linking to the topic of 'Statistics'. I would like to congratulate the following pupils who have completed all of their Mathletics activities up to date (until the five new activities were added this week). If your name isn't on the list, please make sure you complete any outstanding Mathletics activities as well as the five new activities.  

Mathletics Shout Out 

A huge well done to Lola, George, Poppy, Ellie, Ava, Zach and Ellen for completing all of your assigned activities on Mathletics. 


The English learning this week links directly with the History learning all about Anglo-Saxon clothing. You may wish to complete the History research and History Activity 1 first, so that you're able to draw upon this knowledge when completing your writing. Work your way through the activities in the document below, which lead up to writing a Balanced Argument: Should we wear Modern-Day or Anglo-Saxon clothes? As well as this, we would like you to log on to Spelling Shed to practise this week's spellings, read a book on Bug Club and complete the Reading Comprehension - 60 Second Reads, and as always, remember to read your favourite stories at home too!


The History learning this week continues with our Anglo-Saxon topic where you will be finding out more information about what the Anglo-Saxons wore. Once you've completed some research and found out more about Anglo-Saxon dress and what their clothes were made from, you should follow the activities outlines of the document below. You will be drawing out your own family as Anglo-Saxons (wearing typical Anglo-Saxon clothes) and even have the opportunity to dye some fabric or material, just as the Anglo-Saxons did by using natural produce (fruits and vegetables). 


This week's art work will focus on Anglo-Saxon runes. You will have the opportunity to look at the Anglo-Saxon alphabet, make comparisons between their letters and ours, and create your own secret message. The final art activity for this week will be to present your secret message in a creative way. Whether this is by aiming to make it look like an original Anglo-Saxon message or by presenting it in a bright and modern way, the style is up to you! Once you have completed your secret message, why not see if your parents or siblings can work out what you've written? Use the documents below to help you with these activities.