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WB 30.03.20 Week 2

Home Learning - Week Beginning 30.03.2020


Update - 03.04.2020

Happy Friday Persevering Pumas! 

Well done for all of your hard work with your home learning over the past two weeks. I have been such a proud teacher receiving photos of you working hard, producing fabulous work and enjoying your home learning too! 

I hope you all have a fantastic break from learning and enjoy your Easter Holidays - you all deserve a rest. Check back next week as I'll be posting some fun Easter activities if you'd like some inspiration for things you could do over the Easter break and remember if you need anything, I'm only at the end of an email! 

Stay safe everyone, 

Miss Winkley


Update - 02.04.2020

Hello Persevering Pumas! I'm really enjoying seeing everything you're doing at home, keep the photos and videos coming! This week I've been especially impressed by George's iMovie of him cooking for his family, Zach's mind map on his velux windows - such a creative way of learning and Ava who's just received her Silver French Award! There has been lots of other great learning too, have a look through the photos to see what your friends have been doing. 

Keep up the fabulous hard work everyone! 

Miss Winkley


Update - 01.04.2020

Good Afternoon Persevering Pumas!

I hope you're all keeping well and enjoying your second week of home learning! I'm really enjoying seeing the different and creative ways you're presenting your learning, keep the photographs and videos coming! Lots of children have made a start on the French activities, remember to send a photograph of your completed work if you're ready for a certificate. 

If I've not heard from you yet, please make sure you send a picture showing what you've been up to! 

Enjoy the rest of your week and stay safe, 

Miss Winkley


If you're looking for some extra active challenges, Leeds Rhinos Foundation has created some. Miss Robinson has put some extra information on the PE & Sport Blog about this. 

Click the link below which will take you directly to this page. 

Hello Persevering Pumas!

After a successful week of home learning last week, I'm sure you're eager to find out what the activities in this weeks home learning are. Equally, I hope that parents/carers find the suggested outline of home learning activities useful. As always, please feel free to follow the suggested timetable above or adapt these learning activities to fit around your week and email me if you have any questions at all.

If you're interested in some extra Science learning, have a look at the Science page on our school website, under the 'Children' tab for some fun and exciting ideas. 

I would love to see what you've been up to at home so please send me an email with some photographs attached and most importantly, remember to have fun! 

Miss Winkley



In maths this week, we are continuing our unit on decimals. This week, you will start by dividing 2-digit numbers by 10, move on to building your understanding of hundredths by using place value grids and recognising hundredths as decimals and finally, you will explore dividing 1 and 2-digit numbers by 100. 


To support you with this, the White Rose Hub (the scheme we follow everyday in school) has created some excellent resources. There are 5 lessons for you to complete this week, each with a useful video teaching you the skill and a worksheet for you to complete. I have posted the link where you can find the teaching videos beneath alongside each of the 5 worksheets. If you have a printer then feel free to print the worksheets and glue them into your home learning book, if not you can simply write the answers to the questions into your home learning book - it's entirely up to you! 

Please continue to practise your times tables. Use Times Tables Rock Stars for around 15 minutes of practise each day. 

I have also assigned for you the Mathletics activities for the maths objectives you've learnt this week for you to complete once you've done all 5 of the lessons above. 


Please read the document below which outlines your English learning for the week. Linked to our topic on the rainforest, you are going to write a non-chronological report about Brazil. The document explains what you should include in your non-chronological report and the other attachments provide information about Brazil (the subject of your report) and how to plan your report. Furthermore, on the document below you will find details of your reading and spelling learning for this week.  

Topic - Geography (Rainforest)

Your topic learning this week is a continuation of our work on the rainforest with a specific theme of plants and animals which live in the rainforest.  Read the document beneath which outlines a set of activities for you to complete in your home learning book. Any resources you may require are posted as separate documents below. If you are feeling creative, please feel free to add your own activities to enhance your learning of plants and animals in the rainforest to the ones we've suggested.

Topic - French

Bonjour! As you've worked hard on improving your French skills over the last few months, I thought that it'd be great to continue this learning at home. The are a series of challenges on the document beneath which enable you to practise your French. If you complete either the Bronze, Silver or Gold challenges that have been set, email us with your work and you will be awarded with a certificate! 

Creative Time

Illustration to Creation:

As part of your daily creative time, every week we will be posting an illustration to create ideas for you to use at home. It's not just about writing and reading but how an image can inspire art, creativity, design, science, knowledge etc. More examples can be found using the hashtag #Illustration2Creation

Here is the image for this week 'Tom's Magnificent Machines':

Possible Ideas (feel free to come up with your own)

  • Design a rollercoaster based on a theme

  • Build a rollercoaster using recycled materials/paper/lego

  • Share what magnificent machine you would like to build and why

  • Explore all the machines and large objects in your house. Can you think of another use for them?

  • Experience all the rides (without leaving even your house) at Virtual Disney World.