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Wb 4.1.21

Tuesday 5.1.21

This week we are looking at celebrations and expressing how events we celebrate in our life makes us feel. We are going to plan a party for Fred the frog. Let's throw him the best birthday party we can.

Wednesday 6.1.21

Today we are going to be doing something a little different! Ollie Tumner is a body percussionist - what a job title! A body percussionist makes music with their body as an instrument. Watch the video and follow along to join him in making music with your body too - there's lots of clapping and stomping to get you up and about and moving. Make sure your grownups take some pictures of videos of you joining in to show us all. 

Have fun!

'Body Beats' - online body percussion session, Monday 23/03/20

I realise times are extremely tight at the mo but if you'd like to make a voluntary contribution you can do so at - many thanks in advanc...

Thursday 7.1.21 - PSHE

For today's PSHE lesson we are learning all about what makes us and our friends unique and special. 


Friday 8.1.21 - History

Our new topic title this half term is 'Would the Great Fire of London have happened today?' For your first history lesson, you have been given a painting of the Great Fire of London. You need to think of 3 questions to ask using question words such as 'How', 'When', 'What', 'Why'. One of our skills in Key Stage 1 is to use a question mark to end a question sentence so here is a perfect chance to have a go! Question marks will be a new skill for Year 1 but Year 2 should already be familiar. (If your child is finding it too tricky to write their sentences independently, you could help them by rehearsing it aloud a few times together first or you could write it first for them to copy).