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Wb 5.7.21

Session 1: Spelling


Year 1: You are learning about the spelling tch at the end of words with a short vowel such as witch, patch, catch, watch, pitch. Use the task sheet to learn about and practise the tch spelling pattern. Finished? You could ask a grown up to test you on some tch spellings in a little quiz. You could also work on your Year 1 common exception spelling targets sent home recently (full list is also below) and/or spend some time on Spelling Shed. 



Year 2: Please access Spelling Shed to practise your spellings. You could also look at the Year 2 common exception word list below and see which words you can spell and which words you still need to work on. Finished? Why not have a sneak peek at the Year 3/4 common exception word list below. Can you read each word? Which can you already spell? Which look more difficult?

Rest of the week: Seaside Postcard Writing 


Follow the Powerpoint below to find out all about seaside postcards and what needs to be included on one. On the slides, it will tell you what to do in the first postcard session and what to do in the second postcard session. It might take you a third session to complete your postcard and picture to a high standard. Please bring your postcard into school to show us! If you can't access Powerpoint, there is a converted to PDF version below too. 

Time left over?

Spend some time reading either a real book and/or an e-book on Bug Club. 

Year 2 - Science Week continued

Tuesday - L6

Wednesday - L7