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WB 8.2.21

60 Second Read Challenges

This week in Guided Reading we are going to practice our 60 second reads and work on answering questions about the text we have read. This means your guided reading sessions will be shorter than normal but because we've just read a giant chapter book, I thought this would be a nice way to keep up with reading practice whilst we wind down towards half term.


Your job is to see how many words you can read in 60 seconds and jot it down. Get your timers ready!

Then, once you've had a speedy read go through at your own pace and read the text again so you really understand it. Finally, answer the questions next to the text.


For grownups, there is an explanation below to help with this.

Please note grownups: the end of year expectation is children being able to read approx 90 words per minute but please do not worry about this. We are only half way through the year and we are also very mindful of the fact our children missed a large chunk of their schooling in Year 1 and have had a disrupted year again this year thus far. See how they go and focus more on how they are with blending words together and their knowledge of tricky words and then just support them in answering the questions related to the text. 


The 60 second element just a way for us to see how the children are getting on with their application of their phonics and common exception word reading.


If you could email the general average of how many words your child reads in the 60 seconds to the account this would be really useful.


Any questions, just ask smiley