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W.b. 8th February

Guided Reading

This week we are looking at another book which is a collection of short stories. It is called 'Horowitz Horror' and is written by Anthony Horowitz, a famous author who has published over 40 books for children.

All the lessons are pre-recorded teaching videos to watch, which (with time added to complete the thinking and written activities) will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. All the mini tasks are explained in the videos and you can simply complete them in your home learning book. 

Note: The videos often work best when watched through Google Chrome.

The lesson objectives and links are detailed below:


This week, we are continuing our work on balanced argument. We are going to use all the skills we learnt last week about organisational and language features, conjunctions and adverbials when writing our own extended piece titled 'Should graffiti be allowed in Pudsey Park?'

*Tuesday (09.02.2021) is Safer Internet Day. We will be spending all day (other than the maths lesson) completing activities based around this theme, please see the Safer Internet Day section on the Y5/6 Home Learning page for all of the activities for the day. You can click the link here, which will take you directly to the page.*
Lesson 6 (Monday) - Today we are going to be planning our balanced argument. Read the information on the 'Planning a Balanced Argument' document and then complete the planning sheet. Remember, it's important to use the 'for' and 'counter' arguments that you looked at in Friday's lesson to help you. 
Lesson 7 (Wednesday) - Today we will start by finding useful vocabulary to use throughout the balanced argument. Have a go at the two tasks in the starter document. After that, we will be writing the introduction to our balanced argument. 

Lesson 8 (Thursday) - Today we will be looking at the plan we wrote on Monday to support us whilst writing the first two paragraphs of balanced argument. We will be writing the first point 'for' in paragraph one and the counterpoint 'against' in the second paragraph. 

Read the balanced argument lesson guide to find out how to structure a four sentence argument paragraph. Then, using this structure, write your own! You should use the WAGOLLs and Sentence Starter sheets to support you.

Lesson 9 (Friday) - Today we will be completing writing our balanced arguments. We will be writing the third paragraph which is your second point 'for.' Then the second counterpoint 'against' in the forth paragraph. Finally, we will finish the argument with a conclusion. 

Recap over the balanced argument guide from yesterday to remind you how to structure your for and against paragraphs.

Then, look at the balanced argument lesson guide part 2 to find out how to structure a concluding paragraph. Using these structures, complete writing your own! You should refer back to the WAGOLLs and Sentence Starter sheets from yesterday's lesson to support you.