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Week 1 - 04.1.21

Week 1 Home Learning

5.1.21 - 8.1.21

Note to parents - Next week you will need some playdough ingredients, please see 'Week 2' for a list of ingredients which you may wish to add to your weekly shopping list.


Please tune in for our daily phonics zoom sessions at 9am.

You can also access more Read Write Inc lessons on youtube here.


Below are some activities which will help you to practice your writing skills.


Below is a link to this weeks Maths lessons, we have already covered lesson 1 this week, so please watch lessons 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Please watch the video and then complete the relevant activity below.


Over the next two weeks, we will be learning about the story of Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. 

This will mainly be in our 1.15pm Zoom sessions. Here is an online version of the story.


If you would like to listen to any other stories, please visit our YouTube Channel here


Arts and Design

Here are a few creative ideas for you to have a go at.

Please remember that its hard for our grown ups to get all of the things we may need, so if you are struggling to find resources lets be inventive! Recycling bins are great for finding model making materials and you will have lots of things around the house which you could use too, just make sure you ask your adults before you dismantle anything please!


Frozen Sensory Play

Find some flowers, leaves, small twigs or berries in your garden and place them carefully into an ice cube tray, top up with water and leave them to freeze. Once frozen, enjoy chipping or melting away the ice to reveal your treasures.

You could experiment with different sized containers, find out if a smaller ice cube tray freezes faster than a cup.

Top tip - Try freezing some edible things such as slices of fruit or berries in your ice cubes and use them in your drinks!

Finger Puppet Penguin

Use some card to create your very own penguin puppet! If you do not have any card at home, you could find a box in your recycling bin and use that instead. If you do not have any coloured card or paper at home, you could always use coloured pencils or pens to colour in your penguin. Once you have made your penguin, you could make it a home too!

Potato Masher Penguin

Use a potato masher to create a lovely little penguin! 

If you do not have any white paint at home, you could mix some flour and water together to make a substitute - it will add some nice texture to your picture too. 

You could experiment by using different tools to make your penguin, do they all make the same pattern?