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Week 2 - 11.1.21

Home Learning Week 2


Note to parents - Next week you may need some ingredients to make polar bear toast and some cotton wool for polar bear art. Please see 'Week 3' for a list of ingredients which you may wish to add to your weekly shopping list.

Note to parents 

​​​​​​This week you will need playdough making ingredients for one of the sensory play activities and Fridays Maths lesson, you may want to add the following things to your shopping list.

-Plain Flour

-Salt (a large pack)

-Oil, or baby lotion

-Cream of tartar

- A few fresh herbs

If you will struggle to get these things, please let us know and we will suggest an alternative activity.

BBC Educational TV Schedule


Please tune into your daily phonics sessions each day at 9am.

If you would like any extra phonics lessons, please see the Read Write Inc Youtube page here. New videos are uploaded daily and will be available for 24 hours. 

Below are some activities which will help you to practice your phonics skills.


Please find the video link below to each individual lesson, along with the activity which correlates to each one.

There are five lessons, one for each day this week.


Over this week we will be continuing our learning around the story of Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. 

This will mainly be in our 1.15pm Zoom sessions. Here is an online version of the story.


If you would like to listen to any other stories, please visit our YouTube Channel here

Arts and Design

Here are a few creative ideas for you to have a go at.

Please remember that its hard for our grown ups to get all of the things we may need, so if you are struggling to find resources, lets be inventive! Recycling bins are great for finding model making materials and you will have lots of things around the house which you could use too, just make sure you ask your adults before you dismantle anything please!

Herby Sensory Dough

Enjoy making your own scented playdough, follow the recipe below to make your basic dough and then get creative! Snip herbs carefully with scissors and knead them into your dough, explore the different smells and textures of each one. 

Top tip - If you do not have any fresh herbs, you could always used dried ones, or even spices!


1 cup of flour

1/2 cup of salt

1 cup of hot water

2 teaspoons of cream of tartar

2 tablespoons of oil/baby lotion


Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl, then stir in the hot water.

Lost and Found

You could have a go at making your own characters and props from the story of Lost and Found. The pictures above will give you a few ideas of the resources that you could use. Yours doesn't have to look the same, you can use whatever you have available.

Once you have made your characters, you could try to act out the story, how about putting a puppet show on for your family?

Snow Writing Tray

This is a fabulously fun way to practice writing words, simply fill a tray with some salt or flour and use your finger to write a word, then give it a little shake and start again! 

You could write some wintery words, or some simple CVC words (dog, cat, pan..) Don't forget to use your Fred Fingers to sound out the words before you write them.