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Week 3: 15th-19th June

Home Learning

Home Learning 1 Mollie's been working hard.
Home Learning 2 Kady's working on her maths
Home Learning 3 Harry's wonderful Solar System!
Home Learning 4 Jude's super Percy Jackson work
Home Learning 5 Great topic work Elizabeth
Home Learning 6 Elizabeth's is a White Rose maths star!
Home Learning 7 Kady's lovely birthday cake.
Home Learning 8 Zoe's super maths
Home Learning 9 Leo's Science experiment
Home Learning 10 Esther's Science work.
Home Learning 11 Esther's super castle
Home Learning 12 Oliver's English work.
Home Learning 13 Zoe's English work.
Home Learning 14 Zoe's been working hard!
Home Learning 15 Noah's been baking!
Home Learning 16 Noah's super science work
Home Learning 17 Elsie's solar system!
Home Learning 18 Flo's fab art!
Home Learning 19 Florrie in nature
Home Learning 20 Flo's science model
Home Learning 21 Archie's fantastic work
Home Learning 22 Archie's English
Home Learning 23 Hanna enjoying exercising on her bike
Home Learning 24 Hanna's art
Home Learning 25 Hanna's maths
Home Learning 26 Harley keeping active and being adventurous
Home Learning 27 Kaiyan and Riyan's Ekklesia debate
Home Learning 28 Oliver has worked hard on his English
Home Learning 29 Riyan and Kaiyan's debate in full flow!
Home Learning 30 Zoe's English work


  • Click on the links below to take you to the learning videos from White Rose Maths. The worksheets are attached below. 
  • As with last week, this week's Year 5 maths lessons will not link to BBC Bitesize. However, you might want to check these out too for extra revision. Year 6 lessons should still correspond with BBC Bitesize so you can also use these lessons to support your understanding.
  • Make sure you log on to Mathletics and complete any assigned tasks. 

Topic - Ancient Greek Democracy


Task 1: Read the documents below introducing what democracy in Britain is like and what democracy in Ancient Greece was like.


Make a table showing similarities and differences.


If you would like, you can do further research by looking at the following websites:

Task 2 Option 1: Debate

If possible, for this task, we would like you to get in touch with friends still at home across Years 5 and 6.

We would like you to arrange a group call where you can have a go at debating one of the following Greek council issues. It could also be a nice opportunity to speak to your friends in a group.

Rules of the debate in the Ekklesia.

1) Split into pairs or groups of 3 to become a ‘philai’. Each philai decides one person in their group to be on the ‘Boule’.

2) The Boule chooses which of the following motions the ‘Ekklesia’ will debate. The Boule can then join the Ekklesia again.

Possible debate topics:

  • People only from the age of 30 should be allowed to attend the Ekklesia.
  • All debts should be cancelled.
  • 30 triremes (ships) should be built in case of war.

3) Before the Ekklesia has its discussion, everyone involved has a couple of minutes to note down their ideas about the issue.

4) Establish some ground rules: everyone's opinions should be heard and respected, and disagreement should be expressed politely.

5) Give each pair or group a number so you know the order that you are going to speak in. Everyone takes turns to say their first thoughts about the debate topic.

6) Once everyone has spoken, anyone can speak. Decide how you are going to manage who is talking so that only one person is speaking at any one time.

7) When you feel discussion has come to an end, go through the same order that you used at the start of the debate and get everyone to make a decision about what they think the conclusion of the debate should be.

8) At the end, every one votes for or against the debate issue (motion) and the side with the most votes is the final decision.



Task 2 (Option 2): Balanced argument.

Choose which topic you would like to consider:


Possible topics:

  • People only from the age of 30 should be allowed to attend the Ekklesia.
  • All debts should be cancelled.
  • 30 triremes (ships) should be built in case of war.


Create a table with ‘For’ and ‘Against’ as the two headings. List a few ideas you have for either side of the debate.

Underneath the table, write a few sentences explaining the outcome you think would be agreed in the Ekklesia if this topic had been debated.

Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing

This week (15th-19th June 2020) is Loneliness Awareness Week Hosted By Marmalade Trust. On the Event Signposting section of our Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing page there is a link to the website and a document which might provide ideas to support you or others who might be feeling lonely.