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Week 5: 29th - 3rd July

Home learning photos

Home learning photos 1 Mollie's getting ready for Crawshaw.
Home learning photos 2 Ellie's started her Crawshaw transition work.
Home learning photos 3 Ellie is enjoying going riding.
Home learning photos 4 She's even got a bigger horse!
Home learning photos 5 Elizabeth's enjoying reading Percy!
Home learning photos 6 Lewis has been getting creative.
Home learning photos 7 Lewis has made a super sunburst!
Home learning photos 8 Taylor getting busy on a Monday!
Home learning photos 9 Milo enjoyed the football task
Home learning photos 10 Amy's hard work.
Home learning photos 11 Zane's been working hard in Maths
Home learning photos 12 Zane's mascot!
Home learning photos 13 Esther's maths work.
Home learning photos 14 Esther's been working hard.
Home learning photos 15 Milo's improved handwriting.
Home learning photos 16 Hanna's super English work this week
Home learning photos 17 Hanna's been getting through lots of tasks!
Home learning photos 18 Super spelling work
Home learning photos 19 Isaac working hard
Home learning photos 20 Milo in the jungle . . .
Home learning photos 21 Milo's excellent efforts with maths
Home learning photos 22 Milo has mastered a new trick on his bike!
Home learning photos 23 Super maths work by Zoe
Home learning photos 24 Archie has enjoyed the angles work this week
Home learning photos 25 Archie working hard on his English
Home learning photos 26 Lovely picture by Archie
Home learning photos 27 Sienna working hard!


  • Click on the links below to access your White Rose Maths Learning this week.
  • Remember to also check Mathletics to see if you have any assigned activities to complete.
  • This week - it's the finals for our class battles on TTRS so get battling!

Year 6 - Week 10 - Lesson 1 - The first quadrant

Year 6 - Week 10 - Lesson 2 - Four quadrants

Year 6 - Week 10 - Lesson 3 - Translations

Year 6 - Week 10 - Lesson 4 - Reflections

Year 5 - Week 10 - Lesson 1 - Measure with a protractor

Year 5 - Week 10 - Lesson 2 - Drawing lines and angles accurately

Year 5 - Week 10 - Lesson 3 - Calculating angles on a straight line

Year 5 - Week 10 - Lesson 4 - Calculating angles around a point


  • Read chapters 18-20 of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Then work through the following powerpoints and complete the suggested tasks in each to revise your understanding of Year 5/6 grammar.
  • Remember to log on to Spelling Shed to learn your new weekly spelling pattern. Play any assigned games and then complete Task 4 Scrabble Challenge.
  • How many of your assigned Bug Club books have you read? Keep up the good work and remember to click on the 'bugs' to improve your comprehension skills too.

Illustration to Creation

With football finally back with us (woo!), this week our creative tasks are inspired by the illustration from Roy of the Rovers by Tom Palmer.

Possible Activities:

  • Create a new team (name, logo, home and away kit, ground and training facilities).
  • Design a mascot for your team.
  • Design a new set of football boots.
  • Make a sculpture of your favourite player from plasticine.
  • Sew a team flag or even a shirt!
  • Create a fact file about the team you support.
  • Find out who is the top scorer for every country in Europe.
  • Use dice and counters to create a simple football game.
  • Write a new football song or chant for your team.
  • Create a 20 minute fitness programme. 
  • Create a new sport or skill involving a ball and give instructions for how to play.
  •  Narrate/record a commentary over a goal you find. 
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