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Week 8 - 1.3.21

Welcome to your last week of Home Learning!

We are so proud of you and we can't wait to welcome you back to school on Monday 8th March!

Whole School Assembly


Please tune into your daily phonics sessions each day at 9am.

If you would like any extra phonics lessons, please see the Read Write Inc Youtube page here. New videos are uploaded daily and will be available for 24 hours. 

Below are some activities which will help you to practice your phonics skills.


Please find the video link below to each individual lesson, along with the activity which correlates to each one.


This week we will be taking a dive under the sea and finding out about all of the creatures who live there.

We will be exploring the poetry book, Commotion in the ocean.

Please click here to hear the poems.


Arts and Design

Cheerio Starfish

Make a friendly starfish by cutting out a star shape from paper/card, then sticking cheerios on it to create texture. If you look at some close up images of a starfish, you will see that they are covered in lots of suckers - which do indeed look like Cheerios!


Plastic Bag Kites

Last week, we had great fun in school making these. They were so good that we just HAD to share them with you at home. Find yourself a plastic bag without holes at the bottom, tie some string around both handles and wait for a windy day! Take your kite outside, hold on tight and run as fast as you can into the wind. You will be amazed at how high your kite flies! Fingers crossed for some more gusty days!


Sensory Sea Squishy Bag

To make this sensory bag you will need some hair gel, craft foam and a ziplock bag. First, you need to draw and cut out your sea themed shapes, draw them onto the craft foam first, then cut them out carefully. You could make seaweed and lots of different sea creatures. Next, pop those into your bag and tip in the hair gel. Zip up the top of the bag (Note to parents - you could also duct tape it closed!) Now have fun squashing the bag to make the fish move. For an extra sensory experience you could hold your bag up to the window and watch the light shine through!


Forky Puffer Fish

Watch this Octonauts report on a Pufferfish, then have a go at making your own! Use some paints and a fork to create all of the spines on the fish.