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Week Beginning 05.07.21

Monday - Euro 2020 Themed Afternoon

This afternoon, to celebrate England's victory against Ukraine (on Saturday evening) there is a selection of Euro themed activities for you to explore and enjoy.

*For the country fact file, you may wish to choose the country that you selected in the class sweepstake organised by Miss Webber. Feel free to choose one of your own choice. Or, you may want to create a 'player' fact file instead or create an artistic piece of your favourite player.

* There is a selection of mindfulness colouring sheets to choose from or if you're feeling more adventurous, could you design a new football kit for England...maybe for them to wear in the final?! (Fingers's coming home!)

Tuesday - RE

Over the past term we have been looking at the codes of living from a number of religious and non-religious organisations. This week in RE we are looking at the Hindu codes of living. Put together a fact file or presentation about this and send it in to the tier group email. Please take your time on this and produce a quality piece of work. Look at the bullet points provided to help you find the information you need.


If you were isolating last week and have already completed this lesson, choose a different religion or non-religious association (e.g. scientology) and look at their codes of living. Produce a fact file or presentation to show your findings. 

Wednesday - DT

This week in school, we would have been exploring ideas for making our 'Macbeth' puppets. Have a go at being creative at home and make a prototype of the puppet you chose and drew as part of your group last week. I'm sure you can all be inventive with bits of recycling at home! 


Thursday - Music

In school, we are following the BBC Macbeth Music unit. Use the link below to have a go at one the songs.

Thursday - PSHE

Open up the PDF below to find out about the 'My Unique Flag' PSHE/art task for this afternoon. You could do this on the template or simply on a piece of paper. The choice is yours...but make it fabulous!

Friday - PE

Today is our PE day, try and do something active either in your home or garden. 

Links and ideas can be found at the bottom of the Y5/6 Home Learning page.