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Week Beginning 05.07.21


To begin our week and to celebrate England's win on Saturday evening, here are two reading comprehensions based around the Euro's football tournament. Please have a go at them both. For both comprehensions, please choose either 1 Star (easiest), 2 Star or 3 Star (trickiest) depending on how confident you are. 


For the rest of the week, we are going to be completing some activities based around the short story 'The Promise' by Nicola Davies. Today's activities are going to be prediction activities, you don't need to read the story yet! 

Task 1: Using the words for the word cloud, which are taken from the blurb of the book, answer the four prediction questions. 

Task 2: You have been given some statements from the text. What colours do you imagine the statements representing? For example, heat might be represented with reds, oranges and yellows where cold might be represented by shades of blue. Then explain why you think the statement represents the colour/colours you've chosen.


Please either read the text, below or watch the video (or both). You might find it easier to understand the story if you watch the video as there are some superb illustrations. 

Nicola Davies reads The Promise

Once you've read the story, complete the RIC comprehension below. Either complete the going for gold or going for green, depending on how confident you are - you don't need to do both! Then have a go at the challenge, if you'd like. 


Choose five different feelings and five different key points in the story. Decide how the girl is feeling at each event in the story and plot it on the axis of emotion. Write a written explanation as to why you feel the girl feels the way you've suggested at each point in the story. 


Today were are going to decide whether or not 'The Promise' is an effective piece of narrative, based on our Y5/6 curriculum. Re-read the story and find evidence for each of the criteria on the activity sheet. Write an explanation as to whether you think it's an effective piece (and say way) or whether you think it could be improved, if you were to re-write it (explaining what you'd add). If you'd like a challenge, you might want to write some examples of what you'd add.