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Week beginning 11th January

Monday Afternoon - PSHE

This term in PSHE we will be learning about identity, society and equality and how we can celebrate differences. The focus for the second lesson is about understanding what is meant by community. 

Tuesday Afternoon - RE

This term in RE we will be learning about what creation stories tell us about our world. The focus for the first lesson is about Jewish beliefs around creation.

Wednesday Afternoon - PE

Today is a PE afternoon. You can complete any activity at home that gets you moving and gets your heart rate up to help keep you physically fit. If you need some ideas please refer to the school PE and Sports blog where there are a range of activity ideas you could choose from.

Thursday Afternoon - History

In this lesson, you will be finding out a little more about life in Ancient Egypt by reading through PowerPoints and watching some videos too. Once you've done this, complete the table comparing life in Ancient Egypt to life today and to life in The Stone Age. You will need to track your minds back to last half term to remember what we learnt about the Stone Age period to make the comparisons!

Friday Afternoon - Spanish

This afternoon you will be continuing with your Spanish learning! We will be counting to count to 20 and learning to say how old you are. There is no written activity for today's lesson, just lots of practise. Read through the two PowerPoint presentations. You might find that you need to download the sound files from the website to your device before they play from the PowerPoint. If you struggle to do this, you can play the sound files from the website too. Send us an email if you would the like audio files sending over and we will be happy to do this for you.

cuantos años tienes.wav

tengo ocho años.wav

tengo dos años.wav

tengo diez años.wav

tengo cuatro años.wav

y tu cuantos años tienes.wav