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Week beginning 11th January

Afternoon Lessons

Monday - Topic 

Today we are going to be learning about the House of Wisdom and why lots of scholars studied there and what they studied. 

Read the information on the PowerPoint and write a Prospectus persuading a new scholar to study at the House of Wisdom. You might want to write about what the facilities are like, what they could study there and the benefits of being able to study inventions, astronomy and mathematics. 

Tuesday - RE

This week we are looking at the way music is used to express people's feelings. We are concentrating on 3 songs that focus on forgiveness and reconciliation. Listen to the songs and concentrate on the words that are spoken. Look at the key quotes taken from the songs and choose your favourite. Create an illustration, poster or creative piece that shares the quote.

Wednesday - Computing 

Read the information snipped from the SMART to help you gain a better understanding about why search engines are necessary to help us find the information we need on the internet. 

Task: Using a search engine of your choice (Google is the most popular), research Bill Gates and write down some detailed notes about him on the worksheet below. 

Thursday - PE

Have a look at the suggestions at the bottom of the Y5/6 Home Learning Page!

Friday - Art 

As an extension of our topic, Early Islamic Civilisation, this half term we are going to be exploring and recreating some Islamic Art. Read the PowerPoint below which explains the different patterns often found in Islamic Art and focus specifically on geometric patterns. 

Once you have an understanding of what a geometric pattern is, follow the instructions on the second document to create your own geometric pattern. 

Friday - Spanish

This afternoon you will be continuing with your Spanish learning! We will be counting to count to 20 and learning to say how old you are. There is no written activity for today's lesson, just lots of practise. Read through the two PowerPoint presentations. You might find that you need to download the sound files from the website to your device before they play from the PowerPoint. If you struggle to do this, you can play the sound files from the website too. Updated - Watch the 2 YouTube clips as well to revise numbers and learn how to ask and answer the question - How old are you?

♫ SPANISH Numbers Song 1-20 ♫ Contar hasta 20 ♫ Comptine des Chiffres en Espagnol ♫ Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish Lesson 4 - How to ask Age? and Answer

cuantos años tienes.wav

tengo diez años.wav

tengo cuatro años.wav

tengo dos años.wav

tengo ocho años.wav

tengo siete años.wav

tnego cinco años.wav

y tu cuantos años tienes.wav