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Week beginning 11th October

Our current English topic is newspaper articles, with a Roman theme. So far we have made predictions about the text, answered some comprehension questions about a Roman newspaper article and looked at the features of newspaper articles. 


Today we will be putting events from the newspaper article in order to show our understanding of the Roman invasion of Britain. We will be then be writing some questions to ask the Romans and the Celts which will again show our understanding of the events. 


Please use the session today to catch up on Spelling Shed and Bug Club activities. 


Today Year 3 are learning how to use inverted commas (speech marks) to mark spoken words. Year 4 this is revision for you and you will be extending your learning to include the other rules for punctuating direct speech (such as capital letter to start speech, punctuation before the final speech marks, using a reporting verb for said)


Example: "Today we are learning about the rules for punctuating speech," explained the teacher to the eagerly attentive class. 


Follow the Powerpoint to learn/revise speech rules and then complete the task sheet for your year group which requires you to apply your new knowledge to punctuate sentences linking to the Roman invasion which you have learnt about through the newspaper article from Monday's lesson. 

Thursday and Friday


(If you have found direct speech tricky this week, try out the activities set for you on Education City to help- there is a handy video on there to explain again how to use speech marks and some activities set for you)


Over the next two days, we are going to have a quick recap of using inverted commas for direct speech. Then we are going to learn about another type of speech often found in newspaper reports which is called reported speech. Reported speech is when speech tells you what someone has said, without using the person's actual words. It is also known as indirect speech and is often found in newspaper reports. 


Example of direct speech: "I won't be in class this afternoon," explained Mrs Fox. 

Example of reported (indirect) speech: Mrs Fox explained that she would not be in class that afternoon.


Complete the starter task revising using inverted commas. Then look at the Powerpoint to learn about reported speech. Then complete your Y3 or Y4 reported speech task sheet.