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Week beginning 11th October

Monday- R.E

This half term we are learning about Judaism. Jewish people do not use the full name for God and would prefer for it to be written as G_d. Jews believe that his name is holy and it would be an insult if the paper with his name on were torn or dropped. In this unit, to show that we are respectful, in any written work that we do we will write and reference to the Jewish G_d in this way.


Today we will be learning about: How do Jews remember G_d's covenant (promise) with Abraham and Moses?

Moses is a key figure in Judaism.

Task 1: We are going to read the story of Moses and learn how he
became such a key figure. Look at the Exodus Powerpoint below to learn about Moses.

Task 2: Now write your own 10 commandments (10 rules you think it is important for people to follow to lead a good life) Word them in your own way- some may be similar to the 10 commandments and some may be different. You could even present them by typing them out on the computer or by writing them on a stone tablet that you draw. 

Tuesday: P.E

Start by warming up with a Joe Wicks warm up Spiderman workout! Then choose something active to do outdoors if the weather is OK or inside if not. You could:

- Look on the PE and Sport Blog for an idea

- Come up with your own obstacle course

- Make up an aerobics workout to your favourite songs


Wednesday- Topic (Romans)

Today we are going to learn about who Julius Caesar was by reading a fact file about him. We will create a glossary to help our understanding of some key terms associated with Caesar such as 'assassinate' and 'dictator'. 

Thursday- Topic (Romans)

Today we will continue our learning about Julius Caesar. We will learn about how he tried to invade Britain as well as why he failed to do so. 

Task 1: Watch the BBC Bitesize video 'Why did Julius Caesar come to Britain?' A Romano-British man and a Celt discuss the invasion of Britain by Julius Caesar. They give different information about the attempt by Caesar and details about what happened. A map image highlights how the invasion took place and why Britain was an important focus for the Romans. 


Task 2: Use your knowledge of Julius Caesar from yesterday's fact file and today's video to complete the information page about him. 


Extra Challenge: Discuss with a grown up why you think the Celts and the Romano-British felt differently about Julius Caesar's invasion into Britain. 


Use this afternoon to complete any afternoon lessons you have not managed to complete. Then choose from one of the following wellbeing activities- it is hard learning at home and you have been brilliant!



Option 1: Join in the actions to this fabulous Roman song! 

Option 2: Monster Moves video. As it's nearly Halloween, can you join in the actions to Monster Moves?

Option 3: Cosmic Yoga- Halloween theme!