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Week Beginning 12.07.21

This week, we are going to be continuing with our work on 'The Promise', a short story by Nicola Davies. If you'd like to remind yourself of the story, please watch the video below or read the story found in the document. If you're new to isolating this week, please go back and have a go at any activities from last week's home learning that you didn't do in school. 

Nicola Davies reads The Promise


Today we're going to remind ourselves of the rules of speech, before writing a short passage of speech as part of the The Promise story. 

Task 1: Read the information in the document below to remind yourselves of the rules of Speech and put your learning into action by completing the worksheet.  

Task 2: Speech isn't interesting without using adverbial phrases to add detail and link the dialogue. Sometimes we can lose detail in our writing if we only use dialogue. Always add description to passages of dialogue so that your reader is not only hearing what is said but can see what is happening, where it is happening or how your characters are behaving.  


For Example:

Before: "Give it to me," 

After: Martha glared in anger, making demands at her brother. "Give it to me!" she screamed at the top of her voice. 
Before: "I don't want to," 

After: "I don't want to," replied James, cradling the toy closer to his chest


Here are three more sentences, which make up a small section of dialogue. Improve them by adding extra information so that the reader knows who has said which line, knows why the speech has been said and can better understand what is happening, where it is happening and the behaviour of each character. You can completely make up the scenario, this is just to practise adding extra details. 


"You did it!" 
"I did not!" 
"Yes, you did!"


Task 3: This passage has been taken directly from 'The Promise'. 

And last night, in a lonely alley, a young thief fought me for my sack of acorns. I smiled and made the old bargain, knowing how a heart can change, knowing that my planting will go on… 


Re-write this passage using effective dialogue to show the conversation that could have been had between the young thief and the girl. Remember to use adverbials and create a picture for the reader between the speech. Your reader needs to know, why the conversation is taking place, who is saying what, when the conversation is taking place, what is happening whilst the conversation is taking and the feelings/behaviours of each character. If you can cleverly include all of this, then your reader will have an extra picture in their mind.