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Week beginning 15th March

Monday 15th March

We will be starting a new unit this week. Today's lesson will be a prediction lesson, read through the instructions PowerPoint to see if you can work out what our new unit is going to be about. Then, complete the activities below.

Tuesday 16th March

In today's lesson you will be completing a comprehension activity with a twist! Instead of reading a text and answering questions about it, you will be listening to a radio advert and answering questions based on what you hear. Read through the instructions to help you to complete the task. The audio clip to listen to has been included below, you will need to listen to it from here.

WAGOLL - Audio.mp3

Wednesday 17th March

Today you will be exploring the features of a radio advert. Read through the instructions to find out more information. When completing the activity, be sure to find the features in the 'WAGOLL' which is uploaded below. If you choose the 'something easier' activity, make sure you also look at the 'something easier WAGOLL'

Thursday 18th March

Friday 19th March

As we are celebrating Red Nose Day in school today, there is no English lesson panned. However, we have planned lots of exciting activities for you to complete. These are saved under the 'Afternoon Lessons' page for this week.