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Week beginning 15th March

Monday 15th March

We hope you're ready to explore a new Guided Reading text! For the first lesson, can you predict what the genre of our new text will be using the clues? 

Tuesday 16th March

In today's lesson, you will be reading the Alton Towers WAGOLL to develop your understanding of the vocabulary in the text by answering a range of SATs style vocab questions. 

Wednesday 17th March

Recap using a dictionary by finding the meanings of words taken from the Florida WAGOLL. Then use a thesaurus to identify synonyms and place under the correct box.

Thursday 18th March

Today, you will be using the Thomson WAGOLL, to identify structural features common to non-fiction texts (e.g. titles, subtitles, captions etc) and explain their purpose.

Friday 19th March

As we are celebrating Red Nose Day in school today, there is no Guided Reading lesson panned. However, we have planned lots of exciting activities for you to complete. These are saved under the 'Afternoon Lessons' page for this week.