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Week beginning 18/10/21

Monday - Long division (3)

We have put last Friday's long division lesson back up for today to reflect where the Year 6s at school currently are in their learning sequence. This lesson moves onto looking at long division where there is a remainder. 

Please complete this lesson today if you haven't done so already.


If you haven't completed Long Division 1 (3 digits divided by 2 digits) and Long Division 2 (4 digits divided by 2 digits) from last week's Maths folder or have not completely understood, please go over these those lessons first so that you are ready for Long Division 3 which starts to look at long division with remainders. Mrs Percival will be available on Zooms from Wednesday to do some input on Long Division using the multiply, subtract and bring down method so if you are struggling still, please join the 9:30am Zoom on Wednesday for more help. Watching the videos with the examples really does help to understand the method so it's worth watching them again if you know you are not secure. 


Today you will be practicing one of your KIRF targets for this half term which is:

Add positive numbers to negative numbers  (e.g calculate a rise in temperature -7 + 9 = ).


Task 1: Follow the BBC Bitesize guide to adding with negative numbers. There is a multiple choice quiz, a teaching video and some visuals to help you understand. 

Task 2: Complete task sheet, adding positive numbers to negative numbers. 

Wednesday- Long division (4)

This is our last lesson on long division. Follow the video and complete the task sheet. Use the answers to self mark. Mrs Percival will go through any questions on Thursday's 9:30am Zoom if you need any more support once you have had a go yourself. 

Thursday- Factors

Friday- Common factors