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Week beginning 18th January

Monday Afternoon - PSHE

This term in PSHE we will be learning about identity, society and equality and how we can celebrate differences. The focus for the last lesson is about understanding what is meant by belonging. 

Tuesday Afternoon - RE

This term in RE we will be learning about what creation stories tell us about our world. The focus for today's lesson is about comparing creation stories from different faiths. 

Wednesday Afternoon - PE

Today is a PE afternoon. You can complete any activity at home that gets you moving and gets your heart rate up to help keep you physically fit. If you need some ideas please refer to the school PE and Sports blog where there are a range of activity ideas you could choose from.

Thursday Afternoon - History

This afternoon we will be continuing with our learning about Ancient Egypt, with a focus on mummifying! Read through the PowerPoint to find out more information about how the mummification process worked. To begin with, you will use toilet roll to mummify something (or someone!) from your house. Once you've read through the PowerPoint, you will be having a go at mummifying an orange using a similar process to what the Egyptians actually did! If you'd like something extra to do too that's more on the arty side, have a look at the 'Miniature Mummy' document to see how you can make your very own small scale Egyptian mummy.

Friday Afternoon - Spanish

This afternoon you will be continuing with your Spanish learning! You will be using your knowledge of numbers and saying how old you are from last lesson, to write about some children of different ages. Read through the PowerPoint, practise your vocabulary and then complete the worksheet. If you need to, go back to last week's page to listen to the voice clips.

Network Rail - Safety Video

Due to the high level of trespassing on tracks, Network Rail in partnership with Learn Live are working to help raise awareness to children across the UK educating them about the dangers of the train tracks through interactive digital delivery. Please watch this safety video, which could help save lives it provides important safety information for young children.

To watch the safety video simply enter the email when you first watch the video.