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Week beginning 18th January

Monday 18th January

Today you will be reading the next part of the story and focusing on your inference skills again. Read through the PowerPoint to find the next part of the story as well as an example answer. Remember when writing your answers to write in full sentences, use the sentence stems provided and to P(point)E(evidence)E(explain) all over your work!

Tuesday 19th January

Today you will be reading the next part of the story smiley.

Wednesday 20th January

Today you will be reading the final part of the story and answering some test style questions based on what you read. Some of the questions are based on what you have read today and others are based on the text from yesterday. There are some about the whole text however we think that you will know these without having to look back at previous days! smiley

Thursday 21st January

Now we have finished reading our guided reading book, it's now your chance to write a review letting us know what you thought about it! It's the same template that we have used many times so have a read through the PowerPoint and then answer the questions on the worksheet to share your thoughts with us smiley.

Friday 22nd January

Today it's back to practising your test skills! Similar to last week, if you didn't manage to get through the whole assessment, please read and answer the questions for the final text in the booklet today. If you did manage to answer all of these, please have a go at the mini reading comprehension below.