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Week beginning 18th October

This week, it's Science Week in Y3 and Y4! We will be learning all about teeth and digestion. So that we can focus on the Science content this week, we will be pausing our Roman English topic and doing Science for the rest of the day after Maths, Spelling and Guided Reading. For this reason, you will find that the lessons may have more tasks as you will have more time to do them.


On Thursday, we are also celebrating Black History by focusing on an artist per year group- scroll down to find out who we will be learning about in Year 3 and Year 4 and what your Thursday task is. Again, the work on Black History through art will replace our English slot for the day so you should have time to complete your tasks. 

Monday- Science- Identify and name parts of the human digestive system

Humans digest food. They have a digestive system that allows them to do this.


Task 1: What do you think digest and the digestive system means? Share your ideas with a grown up or jot them down. 


Task 2: Do you already know any parts of the digestive system? Draw what you think the digestive system looks like on the human body outline. Label any parts you think you know. It doesn't matter if you are not correct- the idea is to see how much more you know by the end of the lesson!


Task 3: Watch the video below about the human digestive system. Then complete the Task 3 sheet, labelling the digestive system. Check your answers with the answer sheet and correct any that you got wrong. 


Tuesday- Science- Identify and name parts of the human digestive system

Task 1: How many parts of the digestive system can you remember? List them on your fingers. 


Task 2: What does each part do? Go through the Powerpoint below where you will learn about what each part of the digestive system actually does. 


Task 3: Now complete the task sheet, cutting out the functions and sticking them by their flap onto the sheet by matching them to the correct digestive part. 

Wednesday - P.E and Science (Identify different types of human teeth and their functions)

1) For PE, please choose some thing from the PE and Sport Blog or alternatively, follow the Joe Wicks 30 minute HIIT workout lesson below. 

2) Science: Today we will be learning all about teeth! There are 4 different types of human teeth, all with different jobs.

Task 1: Watch the video (which says there are 3 types of teeth but we should really separate the 3rd type into molars and premolars to make 4 types). 

Task 2: Follow the Powerpoint (as a PDF)

Task 3: Learn to sing the tooth song to the tune of the Hokey Cokey.

Task 4: Complete your task sheet- Y3 do the 2 star level, Year 4 do the 3 star level. 




Today we are going to be focusing on our Black History Art. Each class has been assigned an artist.

Task 1: Follow the Powerpoint below to learn about Black History month and the artist for your class.

Year 3 - Yisa Akinbolaji

Year 3/4 – Tam Joseph

Year 4 – Jacob Lawrence


Task 2: Find out some more about your artist and their style sing the video links below and using what you now know, make a poster about them. You can stick on pictures, do some sketches of their work and write facts about them and their life. 


Task 3: Create your own piece of artwork inspired by the your class artist. Look carefully at their style and try to create a similar look but with your own ideas. You can use anything you have at home to create your art in the style of your artist- pencils and crayons, paints, pastels, computer based art.. Please let us know if you are struggling with this task as it is quite open ended and we appreciate more difficult when not in class. You might need to discuss your ideas with a grown u at home first or with a teacher on Zoom so let us know if you need more help. 


If there are Science lessons from Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday that you haven't yet completed this week at school or home, please do these first and do this lesson as an extra if you have completed the other lessons already. If you have completed the other lessons already, today we will be looking at tooth decay and how to look after our teeth properly. 


Task 1: Watch the interactive learning slides below on the Manchester University website. They will teach you all about tooth decay and how to brush your teeth really well. 

Task 2: Watch the video about how to set up your own experiment to test the effect of different liquids on teeth. To replicate the enamel on teeth, they have used egg shells. If possible, we would like you to set up your own experiment like this using hard boiled eggs, see through cups and different liquids.  If you can't get hold of the items needed to set up your own similar experiment, don't worry- you can watch the video and make some predictions and look at what happened. If you are setting up your own experiment, you can choose your own liquids (I recommend Coca Cola, milk, orange juice and vinegar). 

Task 3: Complete the task sheet, either based on your own experiment or the video.