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Week beginning 19th April

In English this week, we are starting a unit of writing. We hope you enjoy learning about it as much as we have enjoyed planning it!

Monday 19th April

In today's lesson, you will make predictions about the title of the WAGOLL text (what a good one looks like). Can you use the clues to work out the anagram? Good luck!

Tuesday 20th April

Today, you will be reading the WAGOLL text and answering a range of comprehension questions. How many can you answer correctly?

Wednesday 21st April

Today, we will be looking at the vocabulary within the WAGOLL text. We will then use the meanings of these words to complete a crossword and write your own sentences to include these words.

Thursday 22nd April

In the lesson, we will identify structural and language features common to most explanation texts. Can you find all the features from the WAGOLL text?