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Week beginning 1st March

Afternoon Lessons

Monday - Topic

This week, we are going to be continuing with our geography based topic 'Our Home, the United Kingdom'. In the first document, you will be looking at the 9 regions of the UK and the 7 counties making up the Yorkshire & Humber region - where we live! Use the data provided to help you answer the questions about the different regions and counties. 

In the second document, you will find lots of images of Human (man-made) and Physical (natural) geographical features in the UK. Using digital mapping (Google Maps or Google Earth) try and match the image to its location before deciding if it's a Human or Physical feature.  

Tuesday - RE

This week in RE, you are going to use the information that you gathered from last weeks lesson about confession. You are going to make a pamphlet or information booklet about confession that would be suitable for a year 2 child to read. Please e-mail them to the tier group email when you have finished. 

Wednesday - Computing

This week, we are going to be continuing with our coding using the online tool, Espresso Coding. Follow the link below to Discovery Experience and log in, hopefully you were all successful with this last week and it's exactly the same today! Remember, everybody has been set up with their own log in, these are the same as your Mathletics/TTRS Username and Password. Once you have successfully logged in, your new assignments should appear at the top of the screen, complete these. They should include a learning video and step by step activities. Work your way through the activities as they appear, left to right underneath your assignments and click 'Completed' once you've finished each one. Once you get to the end, you may wish to use Espresso Coding to create your own 'app' using the blocks you've learnt about. 

Wednesday - Music

Use the link below, which will take you to Charanga Yuma, where you will find the music work for this half term. Remember, you need to log into this, like you did last week. Click on the assignments and 'You've got a Friend - Step 2', this will launch your lesson for today. Work your way through the activities on the right where you can listen to and appraise the song, have a go at clapping or moving along to the rhythm and learn to sing the song.  Today we would like you to focus on the Warm-up games, Flexible games & Listen Out sections, but have a go at the other activities too. 

Thursday - PE

Try out one of the activities listed at the bottom of the Home Learning page or, alternatively, pick an active activity of your choice. 

Friday - PSHE

Read the story 'Way Home' and watch the video. Next read through the slides and make notes, answering questions and noting down any key thoughts or feelings. 

Task: Think about the stories you have watched/listened to. Chose one and think about the young person who feels they want to run away.  Think about what the character could do, rather than taking the risk of running away.  Write a letter to the character in the story, highlighting the risks and suggest ideas which might help instead. 

Friday - Spanish

Today you will be continuing the 'All About Me' unit. You will be learning to say the parts of the body through song and some fun games! As always, the audio flies are saved on the web page below so make sure you click on them alongside using the PowerPoint smiley.

Head Shoulders Knees & Toes, Spanish version

Las partes del cuerpo . Song to learn the Parts of the body in Spanish for kids

"Todo mi cuerpo" Spanish song for kids - learn body parts & activities!

los pies.wav

los ojos.wav

los hombros.wav

las piernas.wav

las orejas.wav

la nariz.wav

la cabeza.wav

la boca.wav