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Week beginning 1st March

This week we are going to continue and finish our unit on "Fractions". Watch the teaching videos each day to help you complete the corresponding worksheet. If you want further challenges then log on to Education City and complete the related games and activities in the Year 5 Maths section or use the BBC Bitesize Maths Year 5 home learning content. Please also complete your assignments on Mathletics.


If you have any questions or are struggling with any of your work, please get in touch with school via the Year 5/6 email account and someone will get back in touch to support you.

Monday 1st - Multiply mixed numbers by an integer

Tuesday 2nd - Calculate fractions of a quantity

Wednesday 3rd - Fractions of an amount (Fix)

Thursday 4th - Fractions as operators

Friday 5th - Problem solving with fractions