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Week beginning 1st March

Monday - History

Today you will be learning about Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. Read through the PowerPoint to find out about them. For your activity, you will need to choose your favourite God or Goddess and create a fact file about them. You can either use the template provided or design your own. If you fancy an extra challenge, why not try to crack the Egyptian codes?

Tuesday - RE

This week we will be continuing our unit of work about Muslim beliefs and practices. In today's lesson you will be learning about how Muslims make good choices. You will also learn about the first of the Five Pillars of Islam and why it is a central part of being a Muslim.

Wednesday - PE & Computing



Today is a PE afternoon. You can complete any activity at home that gets you moving and gets your heart rate up to help keep you physically fit. If you need some ideas please refer to the school PE and Sports blog where there are a range of activity ideas you could choose from.


Today you will be continuing with your coding lessons. Follow the link below to Discovery Experience and log in. Everybody has been set up with their own log in, these are the same as your Mathletics/TTRS Username and Password. Once you have successfully logged in, please complete the set activity for this week by watching the learning video and then working through the tasks.

Thursday - PSHE

This half term the unit of work we will be learning about is Bullying - see it, say it, stop it! In the first lesson you will focus on recognising bullying and how it can make people feel. As you read through the instructions, pause to watch the video link and to look through the Bullying Scenarios PowerPoint before completing the activity. 

Friday - Music & Spanish


Use the link below, which will take you to Charanga Yuma, where you will find the music work for this half term. Remember, you need to log into this, like you did last week. Click on the assignments and 'Lean On Me - Step 2', this will launch your lesson for today. Work your way through the activities on the right where you can listen to and appraise the song, have a go at clapping or moving along to the rhythm and learn to sing the song.  Today we would like you to focus on the Warm-up games, Flexible games & Listen Out sections, but have a go at the other activities too.


Today you will be continuing the 'All About Me' unit. You will be learning to say the parts of the body through song and some fun games! As always, the audio flies are saved on the web page below so make sure you click on them alongside using the PowerPoint smiley.

los pies.wav

los ojos.wav

los hombros.wav

las piernas.wav

las orejas.wav

la nariz.wav

la cabeza.wav

la boca.wav