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Week beginning 1st March

This week you will be continuing to look at persuasive texts with the challenge of writing your own by the end of the week.


Monday 1st March 2021

Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Today you will be using fronted adverbials to further enhance your descriptions of Egypt. Work through the PowerPoint to find out more information about fronted adverbials. When it comes to writing your own sentences, use the 'Higher Level Vocabulary' and 'Fronted Adverbial Mat' to help you.

Wednesday 3rd March 2021 - Plan

Today you will be planning your own persuasive text. Read through the PowerPoint which explains how to do this. On the PowerPoint you will find links to brochures and webpages which will give you some further information about going on holiday to Egypt. Try to use this information in your own persuasive writing.

Thursday 4th - Friday 5th March 2021

Over the next two days you will be writing your persuasive text about visiting Egypt. Work through the information slides to guide you as you write. Remember, you have written lots of sentences over the last few days that you will be able to add into your writing. Don't try to write lots of new ones when you've already done the ground work!