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Week beginning 22/11/21

Monday- DT/Art

Today in school we are having a DT day designing and making model Viking Longships from wood and card. This will most likely not be possible to replicate at home as we will be using hacksaws and glue guns but so that you don't miss out on the fun, there is a cut and stick longship craft activity below for you to have a go at (activity option 1). You will need scissors, a glue stick and a printer. If you don't have these, perhaps you could have a go at drawing/colouring/painting a Viking longship instead (activity option 2)

Tuesday- PE

Use the online resources below to do some active P.E this afternoon. 

Wednesday- Spanish

Today we will learn months of the year.

Task 1: Listen to the months song and the pronunciation video. Try to join in with the pronunciation. 

Task 2: Cut up and try to order the months. 

Task 3: Complete your task sheet.


There is also a months of the year poster you could print and put up on your wall. 

Thursday- Music

In music today, please follow the link to the BBC Bitesize website and watch the short clips about the dimensions of music (pulse, pitch, dynamics, rhythm etc). Then do the quizzes. 

Now for a bit of final fun, join in with the body percussion pop songs. 

Body Percussion to Pharrell's HAPPY

Practice quarter note, quarter rest and eighth note rhythms with this body percussion routine!

BTS Dynamite | Body Percussion

Practice quarter note, quarter rest and eighth note rhythms with body percussion to the BTS hit DYNAMITE!


Use today to catch up on/complete any afternoon lessons from the week so far (even if you have been in school this week up until today, there will be lessons that are different to those done in school for example the Art/DT from Monday which you could have a go at).