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Week beginning 22nd February

Monday 22nd February - History

Today you will be continuing your work on the Ancient Egyptians by finding out about the history of the pyramids. You will also get the chance to be creative and make your own! Read through the PowerPoint and watch the videos before completing the mini timeline activity. Then, make your own pyramid using some of the ideas below or by coming up with your own method!

Tuesday 23rd February - RE

The unit of work for this term is all about Muslim beliefs and practices. Over the next few weeks you will be learning about the Five Pillars of Islam and how they guide Muslims through life. In today's lesson you will begin by thinking about what you already know about Islam.

Wednesday 24th February - PE & Computing



Today is a PE afternoon. You can complete any activity at home that gets you moving and gets your heart rate up to help keep you physically fit. If you need some ideas please refer to the school PE and Sports blog where there are a range of activity ideas you could choose from.


This half term we are going to be doing some coding, using an online tool called Espresso Coding. Follow the link below to Discovery Experience and log in. Everybody has been set up with their own log in, these are the same as your Mathletics/TTRS Username and Password. Once you have successfully logged in, your assignments should appear at the top of the screen, complete these. They should include a learning video and step by step activities, they may start off simple but will get trickier each week. 

Thursday 25th February - PSHE

To celebrate LGBTQ+ History month, we are going to be looking at minority groups and how it is possible to peacefully challenge unfairness and inequality. Read through the PowerPoint and then using the ideas on there as a guide, create your own style of peaceful protest to challenge unfairness and inequality. You could write a song or poem, create a poster of even make up a dance! Make sure you send any work you do into your class teacher! As well as this, you could complete the 'proud to be me' worksheet, this will help you to celebrate how amazing you are!

Friday 26th February - Music & Spanish



Use the link below, which will take you to Charanga Yuma, where you will find the music work for this half term. Your login for this and password have been set up so they are the same as your Bug Club details. 

Click on the assignments and 'Lean On Me - Step 1', this will launch your lesson for today. Work your way through the activities on the right where you can listen to and appraise the song, have a go at clapping or moving along to the rhythm and learn to sing the song. There's even an option to learn the song in Sign language. Today we would like you to focus on the appraising section, but have a go at the other activities too. 


This week we will be starting a new unit in Spanish! You are going to be learning how to speak about yourself by focusing on some body parts and some familiar instructions you may hear when at school. Today's lesson focuses on classroom instructions. This will be a great reminder for some of you who may have forgotten some of the instructions you hear in school! The activity is a fun game based one that we are sure you will enjoy. Read through the powerpoint and then decide which difficulty of activity you would like to try. Remember, the sound files are on the page just below here so you will need to click on them to hear how to say each instruction. Vamos!

ven a la alfombra.wav





recoge la mesa.wav




arregla las sillas.wav