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Week beginning 22nd March

Monday - Computing

Today, you will be continuing with your coding lessons. Follow the link below to Discovery Experience and log in. Remember, your login details are the same as your Mathletics/TTRS Username and Password. Once you have successfully logged in, please complete the Alien Space race activity for this week by watching the learning video and then working through the tasks. 

Tuesday - R.E.

This week we will bringing our unit of work about Muslim beliefs and practices to a close. In these final two lessons you will be learning about the fourth pillar of Islam is Zakaah (almsgiving) finally, you will learn about the fifth pillar of Islam Hajj (pilgrimage) a once in a lifetime experience.

Wednesday - P.E.

Today is a PE afternoon. You can complete any activity at home that gets you moving and gets your heart rate up to help keep you physically fit. If you need some ideas please refer to the school PE and Sports blog where there are a range of activity ideas you could choose from.

Thursday - Spanish

Today we will be continuing to practise the body parts in Spanish. Have a read through the PowerPoint and listen to the song. For today's activity, you will be using your listening skills. Ask an adult at home to play some of the clips below, then try to write them down correctly.

las piernas.wav

las orejas.wav

la nariz.wav

la cabeza.wav

la boca.wav

Friday - Music

Use the link below, which will take you to Charanga Yuma, where you will find the music work for this half term. Remember, you need to log into this, like you did last week. Click on the assignments and 'Lean On Me - Step 3', this will launch your lesson for today. Work your way through the activities on the right where you can listen to and appraise the song, have a go at clapping or moving along to the rhythm and learn to sing the song.