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Week beginning 22nd March

Monday 22nd March - Topic

Work through the lesson presentation identifying characteristics of different types of settlements. What kind of settlement is Pudsey? Bradford? Tong? Complete the task as instructed in the lesson presentation. 

Tuesday 23rd March - RE

This week in RE, we are continuing our forgiveness unit and we are looking at Martin Luther King. Lot's of you may have heard about him but may not know much about this historic figure. You may be shocked by what you hear in this lesson as times were very different back then. Please approach this topic sensitively. 

Wednesday 24th March - Computing 

We are going to be continuing with our coding using the online tool, Espresso Coding. Follow the link below to Discovery Experience and log in. Remember, everybody has been set up with their own log in, these are the same as your Mathletics/TTRS Username and Password. Once you have successfully logged in, your new assignments should appear at the top of the screen, complete these. They should include a learning video and step by step activities. Work your way through the activities as they appear, left to right underneath your assignments and click 'Completed' once you've finished each one. Once you get to the end, you should create your own 'app' using the blocks you've learnt about and save this once completed. 

Thursday 25th March - PE

In PE in school, we are learning to play could try to practise your dribbling and passing skills with a ball from home. Or, choose one the activities from the PE blog.

Friday 26th March  - Music

Log on to Yumu/Charanga (your log-ins are the same as Mathletics) and complete Step 4 of our music unit 'You've got a friend'.