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Week beginning 22nd November 2021

Monday- Multiplication - equal groups

Tuesday- Multiplication using the x symbol

Wednesday- Using arrays

Perhaps today you could also make and describe some arrays of your own using Lego blocks, pasta, conkers etc... use your imagination to create equal rows of objects, all lined up clearly.

Thursday- Daily 10 game and Calculation Revision

Task 1: Please follow the link to the website Daily 10. Click on 'play game'. Select Level 3 as this means Year 3. Choose 'doubles/halves' and 'Up to 100'. Select 10 secs for each question (or less if you want an extra challenge). It will then give you 10 questions which you will need to write down the answer to on paper. At the end it will show you all the answers and you can mark them. If you want to then choose other Daily 10 games to play, feel free to explore it further! 


Task 2: To keep your calculation skills fresh and sharp, now complete the column addition and subtraction task sheet as fast as you can. Then check your answers. 

Friday- KIRF target 

Today we will be working on one of our KIRF targets for this half term which is:

  • Know multiplication and division facts for x 4 table.


KIRFs means Key Instant Recall Facts and they are number facts that we need to practise regularly and know instantly so that we can be more successful and speedy mathematicians in our daily maths work. Please watch the video to learn about the 4 times table through song and then complete your task booklet.