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Week beginning 23rd November

Afternoon Lessons


Monday afternoon - History

In this lesson, you will be learning about Crime and Punishment in the Victorian Era.

Tuesday afternoon - RE

This week we are learning about prophets. In the lesson instructions you will learn about some prophets who tried to spread the message from God but people didn't listen to them. You will then learn about a prophet who did not listen to God. Use the link below to learn more about his story and then rewrite the story of this prophet in your own words.

Wednesday Afternoon - Computing and Spanish


For computing you are going to be exploring how to keep safe online by creating strong passwords to keep your information safe.


In Spanish this week we are learning to say, 'How are you?' as well as some appropriate responses.

When you have a go at the activity sheets attached, try and complete the trickier 3 star version of each.

que tal.wav

bien gracias.wav

bien gracias y tu.wav





Thursday afternoon - PE

Choose some exercise to complete at home to get your heart pumping and build your muscle strength. If you are struggling for ideas, take a look at our PE and Sports Blog.

Friday afternoon - PSHCE

In todays lesson we will be looking at what makes a positive and a negative role model.