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Week beginning 23rd November


We are beginning a new unit in English based on poetry. For many of the lessons we will be using the poem the Highwayman which we have started exploring in our Guided Reading Sessions.


Lesson 1

In this lesson we are going to remind ourselves of poetic features by identifying them in a different poem called 'Silver' and then creating our own similar examples of each of these poetic features. Follow the instructions to complete the lesson. 

There is also a link attached where you can listen to the poem you are using being read by it's writer.

Lesson 2

In this lesson you are going to be continuing to develop your own examples of different poetic features. This time based on a scene from the Highwayman poem.

Follow the lesson instructions and complete the task. To finish the lesson watch the video showing the story of the Highwayman poem.

Lesson 3

In this lesson you will be using your close reading bookmarks to carefully read through two narrative versions of the Highwayman. You are going to steal new words and phrases that you particularly like and create a word bank that you will be able to refer back to later in this unit of work when you are producing your own narrative on the Highwayman.

Read through the lesson instructions carefully.

Lesson 4

In this lesson you are going to recap how to use parenthesis to add extra information to sentences. Read the lesson instructions and improve the sentences you are given by adding extra information.

Lesson 5

In this lesson we are exploring how we can effectively use semi-colons to improve our writing.

Read through the Powerpoint and then follow the lesson instructions by completing the tasks improving the sentences.