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Week beginning 23rd November

Monday afternoon - PE

Choose some activities to complete from the PE blog. Try to get as active as possible within this time slot.

Tuesday afternoon - RE

Todays RE lesson is based on the rules we follow and why we have them.

Wednesday afternoon - Geography

For todays lesson we are going to be exploring the world and places within it.

We are going to learn the names of the seven continents and five oceans.

Follow the lesson instructions and watch the video before you complete today's task.

After you have finished todays task you can explore Google Earth. Type in the names of some of the continents and oceans you have learnt about and Google maps will take you to where they are on the globe.

Thursday afternoon - Geography

For the next few lessons we are going to be learning a little bit about each of the different continents of the world.

We are going to start by focussing on North America.

For this lesson you will need a ball (ideally a rugby ball and a sphere shaped bouncy ball if you have them but any bouncy ball will be fine).

You will be getting active for some of this lesson and may be best going outside for the three different tasks if you have an outside space.

Friday afternoon - PSHE and Computing

We are learning about e-safety which means how to stay safe online. Follow the Powerpoint below to learn how to be SMART online and then help Kia Kangaroo to make the SMART choice when she receives a message from Creepy Croc.