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Week beginning 23rd November

Multiplication and Division Unit

This week we are finishing our multiplication and division unit.

There are 3 lessons left to complete in the unit. Work through the lesson activity sheets as best as you can. Watch the videos attached in the link below for support with these lessons.

You will also see there is an extension Powerpoint attached that contains some reasoning and problem solving activities. If you complete your Maths work quickly, challenge yourself to complete a couple of these questions each day too as they will consolidate your knowledge further.

For Thursday, please complete the 8 x table activities you have been set on Education City.

For Friday please have a go at completing the end of block assessment. You can ask an adult to read any questions you are not sure about but try and complete it without asking for any help help from anyone at home. Don't worry if you make any mistakes, just let us know how you got on and any mistakes you made so that we can support you further in these areas when you are back in school. 

If you have any questions for your teacher about any of the work, make sure you get in touch to ask.