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Week beginning 23rd November


In English this week we are going to be planning and writing our persuasive text trying to encourage somebody to buy our Roundhouse.

You will need to use all of the features we have practised using over the last couple of weeks.

If you were isolating last week, we managed to get a little further than the rest of your class with home-learning. If you completed all of the lessons from last week you will need to start from lesson 9 rather than lesson 7 at the beginning of this week to avoid repeating the lessons from last week.

Lesson 7

Read through the lesson instructions and refer to the example plan to create your own plan for your piece of persuasive writing trying to sell your roundhouse. Pick out some of the vocabulary from the persuasive writing word mat to put on your planning sheet as this will help when you come to starting your writing tomorrow.

Lesson 8

Read through the lesson instructions. Today we are going to start writing our text. We will only be focusing on our introduction and paragraph about the interior of our property today. If you don't quite get them finished do not worry. We are going to be writing out text over 3 days- Tuesday to Thursday so you will have plenty of time to catch up.

Lesson 9

In todays lesson you are going to be finishing the first 2 paragraphs and writing the paragraphs about the exterior of your property. Remember to read back over your plan to get your ideas clearly in your head.

Read the lesson instructions carefully and use the WAGOLL paragraph within the instructions to get your ideas flowing.

Lesson 10

In today's lesson you will be finishing your persuasive text with your concluding paragraph summarising your main points. Read the lesson instructions and get ideas from the WAGOLL example included to support your with ideas. Make sure you refer to details you have previously included in your writing and try and use the range of features from your success criteria.

Lesson 11

For this lesson you will be evaluating your writing and looking for ways to edit it to make it even better.

There are 5 tasks to complete to help you do this. Read the instructions for each of these in the lesson instructions. For task 5 you will need the attached resource sheet to help.