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Week beginning 24th May



This week we are looking at the characteristics it takes to be a good person. Read the instructions and create your very own tree. Remember, this is personalised to you!


This week in Spanish we are building up our spoken vocabulary bank. Follow the short steps to quickly build some sentence. Remember to practice then orally. Try saying them to someone at home!

Computing: Video Editing

This week in computing we are learning all about the legend of Finn Maccool and the formation of the Giant's Causeway in  Northern Ireland. Read the story (and watch the video clip) before going on to complete the task. Make sure you bring any characters you make into school, you will need them!

Giants Causeway Visitors Centre - The Myth of Finn McCool

A 2.5minute film telling the mythical story behind the Giants Causeway. The Pond team have worked from storyboarding right through to completion of this short film which will be played on a giant screen in the brand new National Trust visitors centre.

Thursday 27th May - Topic 

We are looking at how The Giant's Causeway was formed today. Make use of the variety of videos and information sheets to help you with your own geographical explanation.

Columnar Basalt - Geologist explains spectacular stone columns

Formation of Columnar Basalt is quickly described in this 2 Minute Geology episode.Columnar Basalt is the result of cooling and cracking of an unusually thic...

Giant's Causeway | National Geographic

Along the coastal cliffs of Northern Ireland's coast is an unusual geological formation: Giant's Causeway.➡ Subscribe: Nat...

Build a Giant's Causeway

Video describing how the Giant's Causeway was formed... through volcanic activity (though not volcanoes!)